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Customer Engagement

Reach more customers with help from Ramsay’s Sales Solutions. Inc. We are your source for everything from marketing events to a full trade show setup presentation to promote your adult beverage brand.

Off Premise Events
Our Ramsay’s Sales Associates promote directly with the consumers by handing out samples and discussing your product with them. We provide a full table presentation of your beverage and offer point of sale information as well as literature to consumers.

By driving brand awareness and product knowledge, we persuade consumers to purchase your product. Pricing for our services is based on the quantity of events that are involved.

On Premise Events
Our Ramsay’s Sales Associates will promote your product at a bar or restaurant (a location of your choosing). We will create excitement, awareness of your brand and willingness to buy.

Trade Shows
It is important to make your product stand out when your it is being featured along with countless others like it. Our staff provides set up and break down for all tables at your trade show.

We promote everything from specific liquor brands to new wines for restaurants.

With our services, you will reach a larger target audience than with a typical sales force. We network directly with the public to provide samples and collect leads from potential customers.

Portfolio Specialist
This person is a Ramsay’s Sales Associate with extensive knowledge of the entire portfolio. They understand the many types of complimentary products available, and are able to up-sell a consumer without sampling multiple products.

The Ramsay’s App

It’s all about our people when it comes to engaging the consumer … but what our app does is provides our associates with specific product information and event details, as well as providing our customers with event reporting and statistics. Tired of waiting for results? Click Here to learn more.

sales promotions

sales promotions

sales promotions

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sales promotions

sales promotions

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